• How can HelloHub help with the Coronavirus epidemic?

We provide the best way to connect neighborhoods in social distancing culture.


  • Why should I use HelloHub?

We provide the ability to contact others in your neighborhood while ill or in self-isolation, helping relieve isolation, boredom, and depression; to maintain contact with people and businesses in your neighborhood; to share information.


  • How should I use HelloHub?


Say "hello"; let people know they are not alone; share information about useful resources; spread messages of positivity; encourage people to ask for practical help;


Local businesses

Let people know what measures you are adopting to deal with the Coronavirus. Post-up-to-date information about re-openings/ delivery options etc. 


  • Is HelloHub free to use?

For the foreseeable future, we have no plans to monetise HelloHub for neighborhood use.

That means no selling of data, no ads and no subscription fees. 


  • How is HelloHub different?

We are a purely chat-based service, that is simple and secure; we are also primarily a hyper-local service, dealing with neighborhoods and venues; our users are individuals and local business: users have the option to be anonymous; we don't sell or share data;