HelloHub is powered by local heroes

Are you interested in helping bring HelloHub to affected neighbourhoods around the world? We need enthused volunteers to be local HelloHub ambassadors. We are looking for individuals with big hearts that care about their communities.


How to become a "local hero" for HelloHub.


1. Activate your neighbourhood on HelloHub.


Setting up locations and URLs is fairly easy and we've prepared this short guide to help you do it. Click the link here



We are also here to assist with sign-up in case you get stuck and in some cases we will be able to do it for you.


Email us at localheroes@hellohub.com telling us "Why you would make a great HelloHub ambassador? and "How you will benefit your local community utilising our chat services?"


2. Manage and moderate chat 


We have safety and security measures in place but we do ask neighbourhood admins to keep on top of chat discussions and report/block any abusive content. If a case is ongoing and urgent we encourage you to contact us directly to log a report.


3. Lead by example

Frequently post interesting and helpful content that others can benefit from. We've set-up this guide on: How to be a local hero on HelloHub